Maximize your Organization Potential with 10xWinners OKR Software and ChatGPT AI

Help employees align with Company’s OKRs by implementing effective goals using OKR tracking software. Increase your remote team’s productivity with the objectives and key results software.

Expand Your Business Growth Across All Horizons

A fast-growing OKR platform that’s fit to align your vision across all levels of the organization!
OKR Platform

Why Manage OKRs Independent of Performance management?


Explore New Opportunities

OKR requires cross-functional communication that opens gates to new opportunities! Let your team strive for perfection and excellence by exploring unknown opportunities using the objectives and key results software


Focus on Bigger Picture

When business outcomes are pre-defined, it motivates the team to take better decisions and improve their time management. Focus on the bigger picture with our OKR management software.


A Team Metric

OKRs are not merely an employee performance metric. They help teams collaborate to achieve professional growth and organizational goals!


Focus on Important Goals

OKRs are goal setting methods to help promote accountability and teamwork. Our top OKR software helps set and track important goals for your business growth.

10xWinners OKR features

Helps Vision alignment
Align Your Business Vision

If you want to improve productivity across all teams and departments of your business, then you first need to align your business visions and goals.

Open Work Culture

Our OKR tracking software helps create an open work culture and ensure that every employee on board is well-versed with the short-term and long-term goals of the company.

Best OKR Management Software
OKR Achivement

Team Alignment

Hybrid Work Culture

A major step towards achieving your desired company goals and objectives is aligning the various teams working on a project to make it successful through objectives and key results tracking software.

Goal Achievement

10x Winners OKR software helps the teams to achieve their goals as per the designated priority.

Smarter OKR Tracking

Smart Tracking

Empower collaboration and pioneer innovations through individual and team OKR tracking!

Team collaboration

Smarter with team collaboration and smart reminders.

Best OKR Tracking Software
Best OKR Management System

Easy Adaptation

Intuitive UI

The best part about our OKR tracking software is its user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to monitor team and individual OKRs across the board!

OKR Templates

The pre-defined OKR templates help your team to adapt to OKRs quickly and define clear OKRs for their teams.

Actionable Dashboards

Smart Dashboards

Enable quick and apt decision-making through an actionable dashboard for team leaders and department heads with our OKR tracking software.

Timely Check-Ins

It not only allows timely check-ins but also helps to take the necessary actions to bring the risky OKRs back on track.

Best OKR Software

ChatGPT Powered OKR Templates

Generate Meaningful OKR Templates

Request for OKR suggestions and generate relevant results for your department using the GPT template feature.

Improve OKR Management in the Future

With the GPT feature, improve your method of OKR management and get instant customer support in the future.

Aspirational Vs Committed OKRs

Generate Meaningful OKR TemplatesPrioritize Relevant OKRs

Learn the difference between aspirational and committed OKRs and prioritize your tasks accordingly

Prioritize OKRs and tasks

An OKR tracking Software that helps your team to clearly differentiate the Aspirational OKRs and Committed OKRs. Which helps your team prioritize their OKRs and their tasks.

OKR Aspirational Goals for Work

Why choose 10xWinners for OKR tracking software?

Quarterly OKR alignment with yearly OKRs

Has preset templates for easy onboarding of OKRs

Customizable reminders to regularly check OKRs

User-friendly interactive dashboard

Set priorities among different tasks using our OKR tracking tools

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

This software is easy to use and after checking other alternatives on the market (I tried at least 7), 10xwinners provides all we need. It allows you to control and manage your team´s OKRs easily…

Chief People Officer

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp)

It’s simply great and more valuable than what we paid. My free advice to the 10xWinners team is to increase the subscription price 🙂

VP Operations

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp)

I like to highlight the three important features which are missing in other products. Yearly OKR tracking with Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 tracking, clear differentiation b/w aspirational and Committed OKRs and setting priorities.

Founder & CEO

Startup (10-50 emp)


What is OKR Software/Tool?

OKR software is a technology-based tool that helps companies to set clear objectives and goals, track them, and achieve them for better business growth. The OKR tracking software helps set goals for individual employees, teams, and departments to align with the company’s vision and mission.

Why should an organization look at implementing OKRs?

Implementing OKRs will help the organization to

  1. Align the employee’s vision with the company’s vision for better business growth.
  2. It helps the employees to stay on course with the current open culture work setup.
  3. An effective way to make people feel they belong to the organization is in the remote working culture.
How do OKRs help us prioritize major tasks?

OKRs helps us prioritize task by allowing us to list our goals, align them with the objectives, and work accordingly. The method to gain insights into the priority tasks and setting key results and objectives according to the same.

Does the OKR software provide a comprehensive roadmap for the company?

The OKR method helps create a comprehensive roadmap for the company to succeed. However, OKR tracking software helps implement the OKRs and achieve them effectively. 10xWinners Objectives and key results tracking software with our integrated dashboard help scale medium and small businesses effectively.

Is there a limit on the number of OKRs?

Ideally, for a quarter, you can have 4 to 5 objectives with 6 key results for better productivity. Having more or less than the ideal number will lead to demotivated employees and create havoc. Too many OKRs will make it hectic for the employees to focus on the necessary tasks.

How can 10xWinners assist me with challenges during the OKR onboarding process?

10xWinners, one of the top OKR softwares, has a user-friendly interface that you can use without extra assistance. The software is easily viewable on mobile and can be operated on a laptop. Our software provides easy access to different departments OKRs. It also provides a feature to send reminders to check your OKRs regularly. Our OKR tracking software has preset OKR templates that can be customized according to your business needs.

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